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About us – The Corporate Impostor

The Corporate Impostor, Homer Papantonio, is widely acclaimed as Australia’s premier comic speechmaker.

From bamboozling over 500 people at the Global Zoological Directors Conference in 1995, to delivering the opening keynote at Microsoft’s 2013 Asia Pacific Kick Off, Homer has successfully created over 1,500 tailored comic characters across Australia.

With his ability to create unique characters and authentic accents, Homer has captivated thousands of unsuspecting delegates at many different events.

Each presentation is tailor-made to the audience and objectives of the organisation.

Homer’s presentations are guaranteed to be both topical, entertaining and informative, as well as a unique way to open, close and energise any conference or special event.

The Corporate Impostor experience: 

  • Delivers presentations as a unique character created specifically for your event under the guise of an overseas industry expert or guru.
  • Targets the key issues of any profession/organisation as well as addressing the central theme of an event to educate, entertain and enthrall.
  • Undertakes comprehensive briefings with the client & extensive research with meticulous attention to detail, to develop each keynote character creation – often spanning several months of research, writing and re-writing until the performance date.
  • Each keynote/character creation is accompanied with a meticulously tailored Visual Power Point Presentation.
  • The Corporate Impostor is guaranteed to be the highlight of your entire event.